Sports Massage (Athletes)

Sports Massage with Allyssa Bedard LMT

$150 for 90 Minutes; $110 per hour

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Sports massage can prevent injury and increase athletic performance. The athletes I mostly work with are triathletes, runners, cyclists and golfers. I also work with high school and college athletes in a variety of sports.

Massage can be an integral part of athletic training during every stage:

Ongoing massage treatment during training can be as frequent as once a week or more especially if there is an injury, but typically every two weeks is ideal. Once a month will be helpful, but will not provide the same improved athletic performance as the more frequent sessions.


Pre-Race Massage

A variety of techniques are used to provide calm emotional state, get muscles ready for race providing a sense of strength and “lightness”.  Pre-event is usually defined as right before the race begins and is usually provided at race site.  My pre-event services are a week up to a day before race.

Post-Event Massage

Receiving post-event massage will help in recovery from high intensity exercise to help improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, and calm athlete.


Athletes visit Body Solace LLC for:

Sports Injuries

Muscle Strain

Sprains and Strains

Knee Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

IT Band Syndrome

Piriformis Syndrome

Tennis Elbow

Orthopedic Massage



“Simply put, Allyssa is a fantastic massage therapist. She understands competitive athletes and what they need. As a result, she provides my body with exactly what it needs when I come see her. Whether it be for recovery from high volumes of training or to make sure my body is fresh for an upcoming race, Allyssa has me covered. I highly recommend her and do so on a regular basis to my clients. ”  – Ironman World Championship Competitor and Triathlon Coach